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There is no shortage of delicious food in the City of Sails, but—until now—there has been a shortage of options in suburbia. No longer confined to the central city, a new dining precinct has opened in Morningside and is set to be one of the hottest food and drinks destinations in Auckland. Close to Eden Park, it’s simply called Morningside and houses businesses, food hotspots, a tavern, a dessert bar and even a stunning new event space.

“Morningside’s time has come,” says co-owner Nat Cheshire. “The place will emerge and change in a way that’s sustainable, so our vision is not so much an ideal finished state, but a collective that evolves with the changing landscape.”

With both indoor and outdoor spaces in a lush environment, there’s something for everyone.

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Find the Morningside precinct at 14-18 McDonald Street, Morningside, Auckland

Morningside Precinct Aerial Render

Morningside Precinct Aerial Render